Video Tutorials

You can view the video tutorials below to help you quickly start using Aion to develop your algorithms or models.

All videos are provided in 3 different resolutions. Select your preferred resolution based on bandwidth limitations and your screen size.

Aion Overview

The video overview below is also provided on our “Products” page and provides a brief overview of Aion features and capabilities.

Run time: 3 minutes 10 seconds

All Tutorials In One Video

The videos below provide all the tutorials. Content is similar to the videos below.

Run time: 25 minutes 6 seconds

The Aion User Interface

The videos below briefly explain the Aion graphical user interface features and functions.

Run time: 5 minutes 7 seconds

Word Processing With Aion

The videos below show how you can use the word processing feature of Aion to document and explain your algorithm or model.

Run time: 1 minutes 47 seconds

Understanding Aion Data Types

The videos below discuss the different types of data Aion can manage along with the heuristics Aion uses to select the best data types used to store data.

Run time: 5 minutes 13 seconds

Algorithm Development With Aion

The videos below explain how to enter mathematical expressions and use many of the more important Aion operators to build complex algorithms and models.

Run time: 9 minutes 4 seconds

Displaying Results In Aion

The videos below shows how you can easily insert results from Aion directly into your Aion document.

Run time: 2 minutes 14 seconds

Testing And Deploying With Aion

The videos below explain how to debug your algorithm or model and how to export your algorithm or model in multiple formats, including binary executable foramts.

Run time: 2 minutes 56 seconds